Armor is able to meet the ever increasing demand for the armouring of Civilian Vehicles for use in High Risk Security Deployments or Humanitarian Aid Missions with its Armoured Vehicle Division (AVD).

Armor has a team of specialists with a long and proven track record in the armouring of vehicles to support its client’s specialised requirements.

Our AVD can design (full in-house CAD System) and rapid prototype solutions in accordance with (IAW) various world recognised standards such as NATO STANAG 4569, BS/EN1063 and 1522 plus NIJ STD 0108.01 to meet a range of Ballistic and Blast Fragmentation threats dependant on end user requirements. Armour systems are also offered to meet the stringent BRV2009 standard if required.

Solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each Vehicle Platform using a variety of materials such HHA and UHA Steels, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Aramid Fibre, Ceramics such as Silicon Carbide and Alumina Oxide and Ballistic Transparency (Glass/Polycarbonate) from the world’s leading producers.

  • Solutions are designed to meet specific End User requirements;
  • Solutions can be designed to be bolt in/bolt out;
  • All kits utilise the most cost effective materials to meet the specific threat and weight targets of the vehicle;
  • Partial or Complete Armour Packages can be provided;
  • All kits designed to be as discreet as possible with kits being easily installed/removed to assist with battle or accident damage repair;
  • Types of vehicles that can be armoured include Sedans, Wagon or Pick Up 4wd/SUV’s and Vans.

Through continuous research and development our team is committed to providing cutting edge solutions that take into account the critical needs of armouring Civilian Vehicle Platforms…………survivability, weight, performance and cost.


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